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About Us
I was very small and sat with the fire, dreaming of Christmas. Winter & snow, Santa & toys, presents and sharing with the family, Christmas trees, little candles on clip holders that burnt my fingers, birds, balls and churches sparkling away in my eyes. Music which gave me that melancholic feeling.

The memory never went away, the dream stayed, I wanted to share it with many people, someone told me to turn my dream into my work. So I searched, negociated… very, very hard work. And now finally I can share some precious moments with you in our brandnew shop and website.

Some gifts form the heart, it’s all about sharing things with eachother and I hope you feel the spirit that we have around us every day of the year.
Please take a look and enjoy and if you wish every day should be like Christmas, we can make it happen for you …

And an enormous thanks to my very dear friend, without his support I couldn’t have made it! Thank you!